Selfishness Expert Sarah Palin Rules On Selfishness of WI Union Thugs


Who among you surveyed all the Wisconsin recall election post mortems and thought, hmm, even though we’ve heard from the New York Times, NPR and the Economist, something is still missing. Something with a healthy dollop of vindictive awfulness and a side of smug superiority…a je ne sais quoi that captures the full spectrum of America’s ever-hastening downward slide into a rabbit hole of mediocrity where the basest aspects of pop culture and politics meet. Oh yes, SARAH PALIN. That’s what’s missing. Thankfully, a typist at the Los Angeles Times was kind enough to transcribe her words for us so we didn't have to claw out our eyeballs watching her on Fox News. What does the bitter grandma grifter think of Scott Walker's recall victory? You better strap in for this one: It was the selfishness of union members that brought their downfall, she declares. And she would know.

First of all:

“I think the Democrats understand that the president’s ‘no show’ represents the fact that Obama’s goose is cooked,” Palin said during a 15-minute interview on Fox News, where she is employed as a commentator. “This vote embracing austerity and fiscal responsibility is the complete opposite of what President Obama and the White House represents today…. Well, Wisconsin wasn’t gonna put up with that, the rest of the nation won’t put up with that. He had to stay away.”

Did you catch that? Not her obnoxious drivel or the sense of victory at managing to get her vocabulary word of the day "austerity" into a sentence, but the part where the LA Times writer gratuitously throws in that word "employed" instead of just saying, "where she is a commentator." We just wanted to say we appreciate the subtle joke there, LA Times writer.

As for those union thugs--except for the union thugs that endorsed Walker probably? -- well, Palin ironically has no sympathy for them because of how selfish they are, constantly looking after their own interests.

Palin also described pro-recall union leaders as “thugs,” said she had “not an ounce of empathy or sympathy” for the losing side in the hard-fought campaign. “Maybe it’s the union leadership,” said Palin, “those thugs who wanted to deceive their members into believing that growing government was the answer. Well, perhaps it’s those union leaders who need to be recalled and replaced with those who understand what perhaps a union role could be in state government – not a selfish role, not a role that allows government to continue to grow and create an insolvent situation for a state.”

In conclusion, Sarah Palin was on the television lecturing others for selfishly pursuing their own interests ahead of those of their state.

[Los Angeles Times]


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