This is the spirit of America right here: A drag queen named "Sherry Vine," who had been busying herself up to this point doingparodies of Lady GaGa videos, answered the call of a weeping nation and decided to teach our Closeted Homosexual Republicans about the virtue of HONESTY, via, of course, a Lady GaGa parody, because hey, that is what this Sherry Vine does.

[youtube expand=1]

Now, I'm not one of those GaGa worshipping gaywads, but this is a Good Thing. Herein, Sherry Vine sings and dances with some half naked guys to the tune of Ace of Base's "Don't Turn Around" "Alejandro," but (clever clever!) she changed the title to "You're A Homo." It features many of our favorite gay and allegedly gay Republicans: the ones who tap their toes in the potty (for the purposes of Super Tubing), the ones who are "married to women in the state of Florida," and even the ones whose white pants and pretty pretty princess blue belt have already come out of the closet for them!

The message is simple: If you are a Republican politician and you are also a dirty homosexual, that is actually okay, and you should stop being such lying, hypocritical dickbags about it, let your flames burn bright, and stop hurting people. Also, implied: There is no need to set your penazzled blue belts on fire, probably?

Next week, maybe Sherry Vine will teach the Republicans about which kinds of personal lubricant go best with tri-cornered hats, etc. [The Advocate/YouTube]

Evan Hurst

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