Senate Intel Committee: Trump-Russia Investigation Will Be Over When It's Over, So GTFO

Stop bothering them.

Today the chair and vice chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Republican Richard Burr and Democrat Mark Warner, held a press conference to give a "progress report" on the state of the Trump-Russia investigation. BREAKING NEWS, the headline out of this "progress report" is that there is no headline besides they will be done with their dadgum investigation when they are done with their dadgum investigation, now STFU.

The Washington Post explains there was a bit of controversy over whether this would be a "progress report" or an "interim report," noting that it seems Burr is feeling the heat from the dumber Trump-loving segment of the GOP to wrap up this damn investigation, since everybody knows the president has clearly stated many times, "No Russia, No Russia, You Are The Russia." Case closed, so can the GOP please get back to its true mission, which is fucking hard-working Americans in the ass?

WaPo linked to a Politico report about how unhappy and paranoid and stupid Trump loyalists are about the Russia investigation. Arizona GOP Rep. Andy Biggs, a Trump idiot, says three investigations in Congress is "TOO MANY." Politico quotes an Arizona GOP idiot lady from the RNC who says GOP leadership in Congress is behind all these witch hunt investigations into Trump, because they just can't handle the fact that Donald Trump is the rightfully elected orange moron boy king of America. That's gotta be it.

Another braindead Republican, this time a committeeman from Nebraska, 'splained that the "average person" in Nebraska has concluded the Russia investigation is a buncha bullroar. "That's certainly my conclusion," he added. We were not aware the "average person" in Nebraska had been granted a security clearance on intelligence related to anything outside of top secret cow farts, but OK.

The point is that Trump dead-enders don't want Republicans in Congress investigating Trump, because they don't love America and also they are GOP whores.


As for news that emerged from the presser, as we said, there wasn't much. Here's video of Senator Burr saying the investigation has definitely "expanded," which is sure to make the tinfoil hat genius-dick brigade we quoted above very upset:

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