Senate Republicans Unanimously Repeal Obamacare, 47-0!

Senate Republicans Unanimously Repeal Obamacare, 47-0!
  • Senate Democrats were unable to convince ancient turtle-beast Mitch McConnell that he actually needs sixty votes to repeal health care reform, resulting in hours of pointless "debate" and a dumb final vote of 51-47 against repeal. Nobody expected this to happen, since the measure was "tacked on to an unrelated aviation bill" and Republicans "expected it to fail." PLEASE STOP DOING THIS. Even bitter ol' John McCain participated in the freedom fapping, describing the Congressional Budget Office's cost estimate of health care repeal as "garbage in, garbage out." Good gravy, Republicans. Maybe you guys can spend less time proposing dead-end legislation, and more time using Nancy Reagan's Ouija board to ask Thomas Jefferson if he supports the troops or something? That would be much more productive, probably. [WSJ/McClatchy]
  • Also: Walnuts had a hawt date with Obama at the White House! Was this before or after he said the CBO was communist? [The Caucus]
  • Happy Year of the Rabbit! Buy your commemorative Chinese Rabbit trinkets at the Subway/Dollar Tree minimart today! [CNN]


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