Senate Subpoenas White House, Cheney House

The Senate Judiciary Committee has sent subpoenas to the Bush Administration and the Cheney Branch, a move experts believe will lead Dick Cheney to dissolve the Senate for "inefficiency."

Because about six-hundred different White House/Cheney House crimes are connected to the illegal wiretapping of all Americans program and the firing all U.S. attorneys prosecuting White House cronies program, Senator Pat Leahy said he hopes to just get somebody in the door of Cheney's office with the subpoena -- which actually contains a tiny yet incredibly deadly poison-gas bomb.

"We've tested this shit on whales, grizzly bears, lions," Leahy told reporters on Capitol Hill today. "It will kill him, if we can only get it inside."

White House, Cheney's office, subpoenaed [AP]


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