Senator-Elect Caught Paying For Own Vacation

Vacations are supposed to be paid for by Abramoff! - WonketteMissouri's Claire McCaskill made the bold decision to skip the first boring Week of Orientation on the Hill. Why? Promised to go on vacation with her family as a reward to them for not abandoning her during the long campaign. Where? Undisclosed location!

McCaskill cleared it all with Harry Reid, who kindly put her on the committees for Senate Armed Services, Commerce, Homeland Security, Government Affairs, Aging and Indian Affairs. Now the Hill Gossip, presumably from her own transition team: She's getting high in Bali. Actually, the gossip is only that she's in Bali. But if we were in Bali tonight, we would be high as kites.

McCaskill tapped for Armed Services, Commerce committees [AP]

McCaskill skips orientation for vacation [Kansas City Star]


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