Senator Norm Coleman Sleeps In A Drawer

Senator Norm Coleman Sleeps In A Drawer

Norm Coleman, the hobo senator from Minnesota, rents a basement room from a Republican campaign consultant so he doesn't have to sleep in the back of a freight car when he's in Washington. Senator Coleman is supposed to pay $600 a month in rent, but he missed a couple of payments over the past year because he is a degenerate as well as a hobo.

Senator Coleman's landlord is a gentleman named Jeff Larson, whose employer has helped the senator with fundraising 'n stuff. Also Larson is the chief executive of the Minneapolis Saint Paul 2008 Host Committee, which is hosting the Republican National Convention.

But enough about their completely above-the-board connections! Apparently this apartment is a frightful dungeon that would terrify all but the most desperate vagrants, and Jeff Larson is a monster:

"I rent a cramped bedroom from him, with no kitchen. ... It's a place to lay my head," the senator told a reporter.

Somebody needs to notify the proper authorities that a Republican pervert is keeping an impoverished, starving senator in his basement Incest Dungeon, the end.

Coleman renting room from campaign consultant [AP]

Friendly Dealings: Will Norm Coleman's relationship with a well-connected GOP operative hurt him in his tough battle for re-election? [National Journal]


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