Senators Deduct DC Out of Thousands

The Kansas City Star reports that 22 senators who maintain D.C. residences have taken advantage of the District's Homestead Deduction, which offers a tax break to homeowners who make D.C. their primary residence. But as the Star explains, "Because lawmakers generally must be residents of the states they represent, district officials said they did not qualify for the Homestead Deduction." Many of the 22 offending senators pleaded ignorance, which must have come as a blow to Jeff Gannon. After all, his biggest scoop during his tenure at Talon News was his August 2004 piece on how former Senator Tom Daschle (D - SD) had saved himself a few hundred bucks via the Homestead Deduction. What happened to Talon's 700,000 daily readers -- weren't any of them senators?

Senators Reap Questionable Tax Break [Kansas City Star]


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