Send Us Leaked Exit Poll Reports!

I can assure you I mean you no harm.  - WonketteAs usual, the Liberal Main Stream Media wants to keep the dirty bloggers from getting the exit poll info. It's so nice of them, to keep us in the dark until 11:28 p.m. or whatever. Also, fuck those people.

You are staffers, campaign workers, reporters, drug dealers, male hookers, bartenders and taxi drivers (who kill by night). You will see and hear the secret information, and you must send it to Wonkette. Send your info from a Yahoo or Gmail account. You don't want to get killed!

The voting machines won't work, Republicans will bravely be keeping the Negroes away from the polling stations, liberals will bravely post mobile-phone pictures of polling locations, and Cheney will hunt terrorists. It will be a spectacular day. The Pacific Northwest is under water, too.

News groups take measures to quarantine exit-polling results [Los Angeles Times]

Exit Polls: Handle With Care [Poynter]


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