Send Us Your Dumb Romney-App Instagram Pix, If You Want To Be Cool


OK, yes, ha ha, we've all had a good laugh about the fact that version 1.0 of Mitt Romney's world-beating With Mitt iPhone app proclaimed that he would proudly lead his real home nation of "Amercia," but I think we're missing the important point here: the only thing this app does is overlay a series of dumb Mitt-themed graphics over whatever you want to take a picture of, and you can take a picture of literally anything, and then upload it to the Internet or whatever, which opens the door to eleven kinds of hilarity! Remember in the Wonkette days of yore, when everyone got so excited because the Bush re-election campaign let you put text on a campaign sign, and you could add stuff about buttsex and the like? With With Mitt: The App, you could actually take a picture of buttsex and make it into a fake Mitt campaign ad! Well, technically the user agreement says that you agree "that any images you use, upload, or display do not contain material inappropriate for children ... [or] that is offensive or in bad taste," so, anal is kind of a grey area, but surely no one could object to this adorable picture of your Comics Curmudgeon's cat, could they? The image denotes what President Romney will be doing on Day One Job One, which is to say: cowering under his desk. But wait, can you do better?

Probably! That's why Wonkette is having an Official Wonkette With Mitt Contest, in which you download the app (if you have an elitist iPhone -- doesn't Mitt know that Real Americans use Androids, or landlines?), take a picture of something absurd with the app, overlay one of the Mitt-themed frames, and then send it to us, and we put it up if we think it's funny. You win ... eternal glory? Let's say that, since we don't really have anything else to hand out. ETERNAL GLORY! You can even use the "Obama Isn't Working" frame to Go Negative, like in the following picture:

Here, a sleeping cat all mellowed out on catnip (kitty weed) represents what Obama does every day instead of fixing the economy (i.e., get high and take naps).

Anyway, send your hott pix (no actual pictures of buttsex, though, we beg of you) to, with the subject line "MITT ROMNEY'S CAMERAS WATCH YOU SLEEP". Do it, or else you're a square! [iTunes]


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