Send Wonkette Your 'Political Halloween Costume' Pixxx!

Send Wonkette Your 'Political Halloween Costume' Pixxx!

Unless you are "really into Jesus," you will be celebrating the annual pagan bacchanal Hell-o-ween in just three days! We hear that "Mother-daugher slutty nurse combo paxxx" have been selling out at all drug stores nationwide, so what should you wear instead? How about a "political costume," since you all love politics so much. You can be a famous politician like Joe Lieberman (with a knife in the back of the skull, for a nice touch?), or you can go as a concept, like, "Death Panels." (Or just dress as nothing and watch teevee all night, who gives a shit?) But if you do have a "political costume" this year, please send us your sexy photos through the rest of the week, and we will convert them into easy posts and give you "iPhones." TIPS@WONKETTE.COM.


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