Pastinstallments of our Senior Administration Official Guessing Game haven't been huge hits around here. But you may feel differently about the latest edition.

thong picture.jpg

Valentine's Day makes people think of many different things: flowers, chocolate, candy hearts... and sexy underwear. A reader sent us this information:

Given your unseemlyinterest in women's underwear, you are sure to enjoy this item. Some time ago, I was at a party at the home of [a senior Administration official]. At one point during the gathering, she had to reach for something on a low shelf. In doing so, she allowed me -- and several other guests -- to catch a glimpse of her underwear. And you'll be thrilled to know that it wasn't just an ordinary pair of panties. YUP: she was wearing a thong!

It wasn't a particularly scandalous thong -- just a simple, white cotton thong. But it was interesting that she was wearing it, since she wasn't wearing a sheer dress or anything that might give rise to a "visible panty line" (VPL) problem. Maybe she just likes how it feels?

Very interesting... We promised this reader we wouldn't reveal the identity of his friend, and we stand by our agreements with our sources.

But we didn't say we wouldn't allow our readers to speculate! So if you have any guesses, or hopes, as to the identity of this senior Administration official -- Gale Norton? Elaine Chao? Condoleezza Rice? -- please email us, with the word "thong" in the subject of your message. If we receive enough interesting or amusing responses, we may share them in these pages.

(Don't worry, messages with "thong" in the subject make it past our spam filter. Trust us -- we checked.)

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Not to Start a Turf War Here, But Domestic Ladies' Undergarments Are Clearly the FBI's Domain


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