Senior Citizens Nearly Kill Each Other Over Campaign Yard Signs


With good reason!Some old people in the Chicago suburb of Wilmette went bonkers on each other because of political candidate signs on somebody's lawn. While the brutal old-on-old violence occurred back on October 4, it is just now reaching the news media because, honestly, elderly people seem to always be going on about something and who has the time to try to decipher their grunts and mumbles? What we know is this: Three humans aged 60, 85 and 92 were involved in a savage sidewalk altercation because one of them didn't like some campaign yard sign that may or may not have been located on the lawn of the other(s). The 85-year-old man, during the course of his alleged attack on the 92-year-old and his 60-year-old daughter, tumbled over his walker. While it should be ILLEGAL IN THE CONSTITUTION to even blog about this (let alone laugh at it), we shall soldier on because this is, after all, a Lib Hate Site.

A suburban edition of the Chicago Tribune reports:

The woman came to her father’s defense, but when she tried to plant one of the signs back in the ground, the 85-year-old grabbed it. During the ensuing tug-of-war, the man allegedly hit the woman in the side of the head and shoulder. Then he lost his grip on the sign, and fell backwards over his walker, police said.

When police arrived, they offered to take the man to the hospital after he complained of a sore hip, but he refused. The man claimed the yard signs were on public property, but when a police officer disagreed, the man called him, "an idiot and a liar," according to the police report.

It is undoubtedly true that the police officer is "an idiot and a liar," if not in this case then certainly in most other cases. But is it a crime to be an idiot and a liar? Not in this Country, and not under our Dual Jurisdiction of the Declaration of Independence, Social Security, and the Bible. Once it is established whether any/all of these old people are Democrats/Liberals/Socialists, they will receive angry emails from the Patriot Movement, and then Sarah Palin will ride all three oldsters to the Apocalypse, which is happening Saturday in the old Circuit City building. [Tribune]


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