Senior White House Official Guessing Game: When the Going Gets Weird...

guesswho.jpgThis week's Newsweek Official Shake-Up-A-Thon '06 article's pretty good -- the first one that almost inspired that things-are-gonna-be-different-now feeling that everyone else seems desperate to convince us of -- and it's just filled with nice, juicy, paranoid, rats-in-sinking-ship anonymous quotes. Here's the one we're focusing on today:

Some Bush aides learned about McClellan's resignation from cable TV. "Thank God for Fox News," ran one White House joke. Nervous aides, who knew Bolten wasn't done yet, began listening for random applause coming from West Wing offices, especially during senior staff meetings. "It could be a clue" that someone was headed out the door, says a White House aide who didn't want to be named talking about the new boss. "It's really weird right now," says another senior White House official who likewise asked for anonymity. "People are worried about their jobs."

We chose this one because it's the most negative in the piece, and because it sounds a bit like a teenage girl. Which means, you know, Harriet Miers. But if you're convinced it's someone else, let us know and tell us why. Leave a comment or email us your guesses, and, like always, we'll post the best ones.

Will White House Spring Cleaning Matter? [Newsweek]


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