Senor Limbaugh Smells a Rat

Illegal immigrants as the key to solving the Social Security crisis, because they pay into the system but can't draw any benefits? Rush Limbaugh ain't buying it, not for a second. And if anyone ought to know if illegal immigrants really do pay into the system, or just take money under the table, we imagine it's Rush. Remember those 30 to 40 withdrawals for just under $10,000 he made when he was a drug addict? Only he didn't use the $300,000 to $400,000 to pay for little blue babies—he used it to pay the folks remodeling his house? At the time, we figured it was simply because Rush, in the throes of Oxycontin euphoria, got a kick out of tossing greasy, wadded-up bills to tired laborers. But given his apparent expertise in the accounting habits of illegals, we're no longer so sure.

NY Times Makes Case for Illegal Immigration as Social Security Solution []

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