Separateds-at-Birth: Friends of Dorothy, Teresa and Harvey, Ann and William Edition

We promise this will be our last "Separated at Birth" of the day, but when we spot a trend we run with it until it is no longer funny. But NY blogger "Bravo" is funny as he points out similarities between Ron Reagan Jr. and Ray Bolger...and Bravo (whom, by the way, I find too-hot-to-be-f*ckable) scores extra credit for knowing that the latter was the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz.


Also seen around the 'net today are S@Bs of Teresa Heinz Kerry and Harvey Keitel, and Ann Coulter and William H. Macy. With all these Hollywood similarities, we are beginning to think that Washington may not, after all, be Hollywood-for-ugly-people.

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