Serially Unemployed Meghan McCain Has Thoughts On Wisconsin Workers

Serially Unemployed Meghan McCain Has Thoughts On Wisconsin Workers

What is Meghan McCain up to these days? When she's notbuying AC/DC pajamas at Walmart for her new Daily Beast colleagues Howard Kurtz and Andrew Sullivan, she's been very hard at work composing her fortnightly column. Yes, that's every two weeks. What a workload! Tina Brown should be careful; Meghan could hurt her back and be on disability for months. Meghan tried her best to come up with an opinion on the Wisconsin unions and runaway state senators. She really did! The result doesn't really make sense, but we think she's trying to say unions should just let it go and allow the state government to do whatever it wants, because this is all hurting society. Sure, Meg agrees a $89,000 a year salary doesn't "seem" like a lot of money for people who don't have trust funds, but humanity itself will be doomed if we continue to let unions collectively bargain.

As the bill came up for a vote, 14 Democrat state senators fled from Wisconsin and went into hiding in Illinois. The last time I checked, you can't just leave your job when the going gets tough. If the rest of us did that, we'd be fired.

Interesting! When did she check this? Did she visit an elementary school while they were having Career Day? Who is this mysterious "us" she speaks of who can be fired from their "jobs"?

Now there are thousands of teachers storming the streets. California workers even held their own march in Sacramento to show solidarity.

Woah woah woah, Meg, are you telling us you read more than one link when you looked up this union stuff on Google News? Wisconsin and California? Those are TWO states!

Yes, this is a tricky and complicated issue. That's why we elect politicians to represent us, so that they can vote and reach a resolution. When they go missing, the result is chaos. Our democracy falls apart. America cannot function if we are a society fueled by riots.

Hey, did you guys hear our democracy fell apart? Get out on the streets and loot the stores! Rape and murder at will! Install a fascist dictator! There is no more gasoline, and our cars can only run on the energy produced by riots!

America cannot function when its legislatures aren't in session. That's why the United States catches on fire, explodes, and quickly sinks into the ocean each time Congress goes on vacation for a month. (Tip: Most people take a civics class before they try to opine on political theory and human society.)

What is going on in Wisconsin shouldn’t be tolerated. The politicians are acting spineless. Why the voters of Wisconsin have found this acceptable or why the mainstream media isn’t holding these politicians' feet to the fire is baffling. Should the president go into hiding in his bunker when he doesn’t want to sign something into law? Governors of other states have expressed their anger over this ridiculous behavior. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley called Democratic legislators “cowardly and irresponsible”.

Woah, THREE Google News articles! Yeah, two of them were pretty pointless in the grand scheme, but still!

No, Meghan, the president shouldn't "go into hiding in his bunker when he doesn’t want to sign something into law." Because he can veto laws. Individual state legislators can't. When your party is a small minority in a state government, this is the only thing you can do to stop a bill. So, actually, being on the lam away from your family for weeks on end in order to stand up for the rights of your fellow citizens actually does require some spine. Not that anyone in Meghan's family would understand that. [Daily Beast]


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