Serious Times Call For Serious Golf


  • President Obama went golfing yesterday, in order to register his disdain for our brave men and women in uniform. [AP]
  • So how many people is this swine flu going to kill, actually? [New York Times]
  • And what did DHS secretary Janet Napolitano actually say about the pandemic yesterday? [LAT Top of the Ticket]
  • Hey great news everyone, the economy will likely decline "for some time," so we'll all have a chance to enjoy it again and again and again. [Bloomberg]
  • With concessions from the United Auto Workers, Chrysler is one step further from bankruptcy. [CNN]
  • And in other auto news, GM's CEO will give the nation an "update," probably to let people know they are scrapping the venerable old Pontiac brand. [Reuters]
  • Californian victims of Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme would like to have back the taxes they paid on all their imaginary earnings. [Los Angeles Times]

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