Seriously Cheap Beer And Other Opportunities To Eat For Nothing


Tonight, July 7: What should you do tonight? Should you be a Wonkette reader who actually lives in DC, you should come to our Weeping Eagle Awards, of course. The ceremony/happy hour/comedic political hour is tonight at Solly's and it includes free southern treats and whoopie pies, drink specials and actual physical weeping eagles awards. Not like we get together often, or ever really, so you might as well come, enjoy some free food, and see who was chosen to win these fine awards. [First Annual Weeping Eagle Awards]

  • Wednesday, July 7 through Saturday, July 31: The British Gasgtropub Againn is offering two 10 oz Yuengling beers for 99 cents with the purchase of their Bangers and Mash, Fish and Chips, Shepherds Pie or Beef Burger. This is a great deal, though it certainly makes you wonder why the hell beer you've ever, ever paid more than 99 cents for a can of Yuengling. [Againn]
  • Thursday, July 8: Considering that Washingtonians have a peculiar love for rooftops, we expect that the unbearable heat won't keep anyone away from Nellie's on Thursday night for the Going Out Guide Happy Hour. The fun starts at 6PM, and there will be free food for about twenty minutes or so until it all runs out, though the drink specials will last until 8PM. [Going Out Guide Happy Hour]
  • Sunday, July 11: The World Cup comes to a close on Sunday. No more faking sick and leaving work early to catch games. You're now going to have to be productive all day long, at least in theory anyway. The Becaon Hotel is hosting a final viewing party on Sunday and there will be be free drinks and food specials for those who arrive early. Doors open a 1PM, and the final game starts at 2:30PM. [Beacon Hotel]
  • New Food: Flippin' Pizza, a pizza place that claims to be "as east-coast as pizza pie gets" just opened a location in Dupont Circle and, start your complaining now about how box stores are ruining America, Walmart is coming to town. [Flippin' PIzza, WP]

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