Seriously. Could There Possibly Be a Better Dog Days Tie In?

puppies.jpgReading today's Washington Post, we are reminded of a side-by-side comparison of the after-effects of Hurricane Katrina with those of the Chernobyl disaster that was published last September. The authors then pointed out what they felt were extraordinary differences in the area of governmental responses, which are, as quick as we are to work ourselves into a lather over Katrina, perhaps best taken with several thousand grains of salt.

But in today's Post, we learn of one new aspect of the Katrina disaster which enhances its standing over Chernobyl. Back in September, the chart's authors cited the presence of "wolves and feral dogs" rampaging across Chernobyl's affected zone. The Katrina analogue? With their owners stuck on rooftops and the fences that separated them flattened, gulf-area dogs found a way to indulge in an unprecedented period of free-range fucking. The result? Dozens upon dozens of super-adorable puppies. Sounds like someone's levees have been breached by category five cuteness!

After Katrina, Gulf Coast Faces a Puppy Boom [Washington Post]


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