Sex and Power, South Dakota Style

nice_knockersWe've been getting some snippy emails from people who look at the romance between newly elected congressional hottie Stephanie Herseth (D-S.D.) and Texas Representative Max Sandlin (D) and see scandal. We quote: "Girrrrrrl, you have missed this one." This particular correspondent saw a parallel to a story about a certain DC intern who used sex as a career booster. Well, we see that parallel, too. Someone really should take Sandlin aside and explain to him that there are other ways of getting ahead besides putting out for a more glamorous media darling like Herseth. Really. He's tarnishing the reputation of House members -- who, as one senate staffer we know put it, "are like interns anyway."

If Sandlin really wants to make himself useful, he can go slap Denny Hastert around. Eyes back in sockets, Denny, please.

UPDATE: Yeah, yeah, so I put Hottie Herseth in the wrong house. Thanks to the kajillion of you who live to correct me. And, yes, the joke is less funny now that it's factually correct. This is why I hate facts. I'll be making shit up in the other room if you need me.

Rep. Herseth moves fast — a bit too fast [The Hill]

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