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Harvey Weinstein Finally Gets (Some Of) What He Deserves

Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. And all the women say AMEN.

It's not enough.

Yesterday morning, serial sexual predator Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in jail for raping actress Jessica Mann in 2013 and assaulting production assistant Miriam Haley in 2003. The jury acquitted Weinstein of other charges, including raping actress Annabella Sciorra in the early '90s, but New York Supreme Court Justice James Burke admitted testimony from those accusers as evidence establishing a pattern of behavior.

"Although this is a first conviction, it is not a first offense," Judge Burke said when he announced the sentence. "There is evidence before me of other incidents of sexual assault involving other women." Indeed. And there will be more evidence to come, as law enforcement officers in Los Angeles move to extradite Weinstein to face charges in California.

Weinstein's many victims breathed a sigh of relief that they finally, FINALLY got some justice.

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sex crimes

Harvey Weinstein Is A Rapist. No 'Allegedly' About It Anymore.

Weinstein was found guilty of sexual assault and rape today.

One of the small but galling things about writing about Harvey Weinstein for nearly three years now has been having to refer to him as an "alleged" rapist and an "alleged" sexual predator. It is, of course, a rule we must observe for legal reasons and to protect people accused of crimes they didn't commit. But in his case, when the evidence against him has been so overwhelming, it felt particularly unfair to those who had been victimized by him.

But now, the time for "allegedly" is over, as he has officially been found guilty of two felony sex crimes — criminal sexual assault in the first degree and rape in the third degree. He was found not guilty of the more serious charges of two counts of predatory sexual assault, which the testimonies of several women whose cases could not be prosecuted because of the statute of limitations on sexual assault were meant to prove. One of those women was "The Sopranos" actress Annabelle Sciorra, who testified that Weinstein raped her in her apartment nearly 30 years ago.

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sex crimes

Boy Scouts Hoping To Earn 'Paying Restitution To Sex Abuse Victims' Merit Badge

It's still not enough.

Calling someone a "boy scout" has long been synonymous with calling them a goody-goody, but the Boy Scouts of America organization itself? Not so great! It took them God knows how long to allow Scouts to come out of the closet and remain a part of their organization, and two years longer than that to allow troop leaders to be gay. And while they're now admitting trans Scouts and even girls, they're still not allowing atheists. Apparently not believing in God somehow affects one's ability to tie fancy knots.

Also, they've had a bit of a problem with sexual abuse over the years. In fact, they are now mortgaging several properties and filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in order to pay restitution to the victims.

The BSA states that it is just the national umbrella organization that is filing for bankruptcy, and that individual troops will be unaffected.

According to a spokesman for the BSA, the bankruptcy has "two key objectives: equitably compensate victims who were harmed during their time in Scouting and continue carrying out its mission for years to come. The BSA intends to use the Chapter 11 process to create a Victims Compensation Trust that would provide equitable compensation to victims."

Though really, how can you even quantify something like that?

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Why Jim Jordan Cryin'? Because Those Ohio State Sex Abuse Victims STILL Won't Shut Up And Wrestle!

Here's a guy who says Jordan called him CRYING trying to make him and his brother shut up about the sexual abuse Jim Jordan knew about.

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Screams-A-Lot) is not only one of Donald Trump's fiercest and most dishonest and most batshit and most disheveled and most needs-to-wear-a-coat defenders in Congress. Jim Jordan ALSO has been under fire the past few years for allegedly turning his Big Lots-lookin' carcass away while he was a wrestling coach at Ohio State, ignoring the fact that team doc Richard Strauss was sexually abusing like hundreds thousands of male college wrestlers. (More than 350 have sued the school so far.) Yes, you remember!

The scandal may have faded into the background, but it's ongoing, and there's new reporting from a hearing in the Ohio state legislature over allowing victims to sue Ohio State, where Adam DiSabato, a former wrestler at the school, talked about how Jim Jordan tried to get him to tell lies about his brother MIchael DiSabato, who was one of the original whistleblowers on the scandal.

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