Sex Detective Tipper Gore Doesn't Believe Ex-Husband Groped Massage Lady


The tabloids would have you believe that Al Gorewanted some masseuse person to touch his genitals one time years ago, but a respectable magazine, People, does not believe this, as they heard from one of Tipper Gore's friends that she doesn't believe it happened. "And they also say Al had an affair with a Tennessee Titans cheerleader one week," the "friend" is quoted as saying, though nobody has said that, nor would we believe that, unless this is a BIG SCOOP that will come out soon with hott deets.

Also revealed: The now-separated Gores were recently seen "doing lake stuff," according to this person, so make of that what you will. Wait, don't! Gross!

Not revealed: who this "friend" is. But it is probably Al Gore himself, trying to provide himself spousal cover for his massage groping and trying to make us believe he could land himself an NFL cheerleader. [People]


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