Sex Maniac Christine O'Donnell Groans About 'Porkers,' On Twitter


Hey, look, Christine O'Donnell joined the Twitter! When did this happen? No matter: Hooray, now we can Follow her and read cryptic 140-character gibberish-blurbs about her adventures as she travels across Delaware, using her virginity to bewitch all the grumpy white people who want to take America back (from "what," exactly, we don't know. Oh right! That black man). Let us inspect what Sarah Palin told Christine O'Donnell to rave about, on her Twitter machine.

"No more porkers, who are always porking Real America with their porky earmarks. None of those. Porkers are unconstitutional. Don't tread on me, porkers. I don't know what I'm talking about! HELP ME (stop masturbating)!" [The Hill]


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