Sex Offender Running For Texas Mayor, While Naked

Let's turn our attention ever so briefly to Wilmer, Texas, a town of 3,400 patriotic citizens outside of Dallas. Wilmer has an important mayoral election on May 10. The incumbent, Don Hudson, could lose his seat to James Brian Sliter, 42. Sliter is an accountant by trade (and a real whiz at it, we hear!), and he also really, really likes trying to have sex with 15-year-old girls he meets on the Internet.

In 2004, Sliter was caught in a police sting after arranging to bone a 15-year-old girl on the Internet. Isn't this why they started the Internet in the first place? Hypocritical of the Internet police or not, Sliter was placed on 10-year probation and registered as a sex offender. Now he wants to be mayor and build a sultan's harem of 15-year-old concubines:

"I don't expect anybody in the public to condone what I did and I don't expect anybody to forgive what I did," said Sliter, 42. "What I do hope is people look at my current character ... . People can rehabilitate and make themselves a better person... Someone told me, 'Make something positive come from this,'" Sliter said. "I feel really bad about it, really embarrassed about it, really awful about it. I am really glad there is no direct victim. I thank God for that every day."

Next stop, the moon! Mayor Don Hudson has said that having a registered sex offender as mayor would embarrass the city, but that is just the Old Politics talking, and Don Hudson is a dumb loser.

Sex Offender Running for Mayor in Texas [AP/Google]


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