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We Guess We Should Say Something About This 'Lady G' Business


If you spent any time on the internet this weekend, whether you were on Twitter or Etsy or Sea Captain Date Dot Com, you probably heard about "Lady G." And you probably heard about little ladybugs. And if you didn't hear about little ladybugs, consider yourself fortunate.

If you have no idea what we are talking about, here are the basic details: Sean Harding, a gay porning star of sexual gayness, sent out a tweet rallying the gay escorting community to jump together to out a certain homophobic Republican senator, whose initials are "LG":

And the stories started flying, and before you knew it, "Lady G" was the top trending thing on Twitter, apparently so-called because that is literally what escorts call this Republican senator, allegedly! A Medium post was published and then unpublished, and in that story Lindsey Graham called the hairy moles in his B-crack his "ladybugs" and anyway, it was complete satire, which should have been obvious, because it was too perfect.

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Hanging Out In Large Groups To Scream At Women Near Planned Parenthoods, For 'Life'

Oh my god do they ever love life.

Under normal circumstances, forced birth enthusiasts calling themselves "pro-life" is a pretty galling thing. Not simply because it suggests that everyone else is "pro-death," but also because most of them are only "pro-life" in incredibly specific circumstances. They care if a fetus is aborted, but they, often, could not give a crap less if that baby has health care or food (things one needs to live) after it is born, or if the mother has access to pre-natal care or family leave. They are often pro-war and pro-death penalty and anti-subsidized health care. While they often care deeply about braindead people being kept alive by machines not being taken off of those machines by those who love them and don't want them to "live" that way, they likely would not be bothered in the least if the reason the person were unplugged was because the family could no longer pay their medical bills.

And once again, some anti-choicers are proving that they are only pro-one-very-specific-kind-of-life, as the 40 Days for Life campaign has vowed to continue daily protests of abortion clinics around the country, despite the coronavirus outbreak and the fact that we have all been urged to stay home in order to ensure that as few people die from this as possible.

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sex crimes

Harvey Weinstein Finally Gets (Some Of) What He Deserves

Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. And all the women say AMEN.

It's not enough.

Yesterday morning, serial sexual predator Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in jail for raping actress Jessica Mann in 2013 and assaulting production assistant Miriam Haley in 2003. The jury acquitted Weinstein of other charges, including raping actress Annabella Sciorra in the early '90s, but New York Supreme Court Justice James Burke admitted testimony from those accusers as evidence establishing a pattern of behavior.

"Although this is a first conviction, it is not a first offense," Judge Burke said when he announced the sentence. "There is evidence before me of other incidents of sexual assault involving other women." Indeed. And there will be more evidence to come, as law enforcement officers in Los Angeles move to extradite Weinstein to face charges in California.

Weinstein's many victims breathed a sigh of relief that they finally, FINALLY got some justice.

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Alex Jones Not Bragging, But He's Had Sex And Done Some Killings

IT'S FINE, you guys, Jesus says IT'S FINE.

Been a long time since we've visited with Alex Jones, because he's just kind of not a thing anymore. But we make exception right now! For important news-related reason!

You see, convicted and sentenced felon Roger Stone has been convicted BY LORD of all his sins, redeemed by the blood of The Jesus and sentenced to spend all eternity getting patted on his funny-shaped head by the angels, who will all be wearing Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong t-shirts. Because Jesus washed away his sins! Which means, to be Bible-technical, he did nothing wrong, at least according to the ultimate alibi, who is The Jesus.

At least that is Roger Stone's current sales pitch for why he should get a pardon from Donald Trump.

All of this led very normal sane person Alex Jones to tell a relatable story about his own experience with The Jesus, but don't worry, he also did nothing wrong. (Transcript via Media Matters)

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