There Is A Flaw In Jesse Watters's 'Marry Women So They Vote Republican' Plan

No one even wants to date them.

For the last few months, Republicans have been predicting a "Red Wave" (would have gone with Crimson Tide, personally) in this election. Part of this is just strategy — if you act overconfident and talk about how much everyone loves you and wants what you are selling, people will usually just go along with you out of sheer laziness — but many of them also seem to have really believed it and were quite shocked when it, sadly, did not come to pass.

SAD! Looks Like GOP Governor Candidates Picked The Wrong Election Day To Go MAGA

Fox News's Jeanine Pirro was heartbroken to discover that while she thought people would be voting on "the economy, inflation, crime" — none of which are problems that electing Republicans would solve — many of them were actually voting on abortion. She shouldn't have been too surprised by this, however, because "the economy, inflation, crime" are the things Republicans started focusing on and insisting this election was about after Roe v. Wade was overturned and it was widely speculated that it would make things difficult for Republicans this November.

Of course, abortion is also an economic issue, as having a child is a very big economic decision. Some people like to forget that.

Now some of them are already hashing out new strategies for winning upcoming elections. Given that almost the entire country is gerrymandered within an inch of its life to favor Republicans, some of those strategies are pretty, uh, creative.

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Culture Wars

OAN Idiot Knows Why Incel Mass Shootings Happen, It Is All This Free Sex


Kara McKinney is the One America News host who looks like she was in the middle of a field trip from homeschool to the OAN studios and the regular anchor suddenly died and she was the only one available to take their place. And she has thoughts on why incels do mass shootings. It is all the sex! No, not the sex they are having. It is the sex everybody else is having! Specifically the very hot sexy guys who are having all the sex with all the everybody, which leads to there being nobody left for the incels to have sex with!

Which ... sounds strangely like actual incel logic, as they explain it on their message boards. Is the OAN host ... defending that?

Let's find out!

We'll do the whole big block quote from Media Matters, because every McKinney monologue reads like a quickly-thrown-together book report from My First Wingnut Newscast, like her mom's giving her extra credit in homeschool for this.

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I Watched A Congressional Candidate's Boring Porn So You Don't Have To (Not That Anyone Does)

NY Congressional hopeful Mike Itkis shared his sex tape for all to see. Or not.

Mike Itkis, is an Independent running for New York's 12th district, hoping to unseat Democratic incumbent Rep. Jerry Nadler. Does he have a chance? Probably not! But let's meet him anyway. A little too much of him, in fact.

Itkis is a 53-year-old Army cyber operations officer running on a platform that so far includes cyber security, ending the war in Ukraine and sex positivity. Among other things, he wants to decriminalize sex work, which is great.

City and State New York reported on Friday that in order to draw attention to his campaign's focus on sex positivity, Itkis had released a "sex tape" he made with pornographic performer Nicole Sage and posted it on PornHub. “If I would just talk about it," Itkis told the outlet, "it wouldn’t demonstrate my commitment to the issue. And the fact I actually did it was a huge learning experience, and it actually influenced items on my platform.”

I admit it. I am absolutely not the kind of person who can read that a guy running for Congress released a "sex tape" and then not go right to PornHub and watch it.

So I did. Sort of.

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Right Stuff Dating App Flawless Victory, So Much Conservative Hetero Boning Happening Now

Money well invested!

The Right Stuff dating app has been up for a week, and let us tell you, if the reviews are any indicator, this thing that Peter Thiel stuffed his gay money into is going great.

As of this writing, it's rated a '2.1' out of a possible '5' on the Apple app store, and just read what people are saying!

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