Indiana OB-GYN Properly Reported 10-Year-Old's Rape And Abortion, So We Guess That's Over, Right? RIGHT?

Really nothing for them to 'investigate,' just like Benghazi. Oh shit.

It has been a rough week for rightwingers who've been trying to downplay the significance of that awful story involving a 10-year-old Ohio girl who became pregnant after she was raped, and had to travel to Indiana to get an abortion because Ohio's abortion ban doesn't include an exception for rape or incest. The story made international headlines, because it clearly illustrated the cruelty of such near-total abortion bans: Yes, 10-year-old rape victims really will be expected to carry their pregnancies to term. These really are forced birth laws.

Rightwing politicians and media quickly set out to undermine the reporting because it made so clear that their cherished dream of banning abortion isn't really about "life," but about controlling women's lives. So they suggested maybe the story was fabricated, because wasn't it a little too perfect in suggesting abortion bans are bad? And hey, wasn't the source of the story, Dr. Caitlin Bernard, an obstetrician-gynecologist in Indianapolis, just a publicity-seeking abortion advocate? Maybe she made it all up to promote more abortions!

The effort to label the story a hoax fell apart Wednesday, when Ohio officials announce the alleged rapist had been charged, and had confessed to raping the girl at least two times.

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Louisiana Doctors Warn Abortion Ban May Force Them To Be Death Panelists

We don't want death panels, do we?

Louisiana is one of several states that has an abortion "trigger" law designed to ban virtually all abortions as soon as the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. In fact, lawmakers in Louisiana, like those in a bunch of red states, were so thrilled at the prospect of criminalizing abortion (and competing to pass the strictest law) that they passed multiple trigger laws. They're currently on hold from going into effect, following a temporary injunction in a lawsuit brought by women's healthcare providers.

As in most states, Louisiana's trigger laws do include exemptions that purport to allow abortions that are necessary to protect pregnant people from death or severe injury if the pregnancy continued, but the lawsuit argues that the exceptions are too vaguely defined — and, because of the multiple laws, outright confusing — to actually provide any guidance to healthcare providers, who risk going to jail for years and paying enormous fines if they provide care that's later determined to have been illegal. Keep in mind that the vagueness is the point, to prevent as many abortions as possible, regardless of the death toll among women, who only count as baby delivery systems anyway.

Read More: Overturning Roe Already Threatens Women's Health, To Surprise Of Nobody

Tuesday, a group of Louisiana healthcare providers filed a set of affidavits (PDF link) explaining that because the laws are so vaguely written, there's serious danger that doctors may in many cases decide to delay or deny care if they feel they might end up in prison for treating a patient who's not quite in enough crisis to meet the vague and contradictory standards in the trigger laws. If you have some time, just read through a few of them — they're chilling.

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Krystal Ball Just Earned A Spot On Bill Maher's No-Fly-List Probably

Wonkette isn't usually a big Ball fan, but we'll give her this one.

We have written about the many idiotic things that Bill Maher said over the years on his journey to being a full-fledged conservative like Joe Rogan. But these moments where he received some pushback from guest Krystal Ball from last Saturday's "Real Time with Bill Maher" could not be ignored.

Flanked by James Kirchick and Maher himself, Ball spent most of the guest segment introducing some facts to the echo chamber on Maher's set. One of the biggest was when Kirchick and Maher tried to blame inflation on Biden "putting too much money into the economy." (Translation: We gave poor and middle-class people money instead of shoveling it at business owners, one time.)

While this type of bullshit is not surprising from a conservative writer like Kirchick, Maher's agreement and subsequent surprise when Ball fact-checked him is worth noting:

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John Cornyn: Wait, Did I Say 'Gun Bill'? Pretty Sure I Said 'Guns Are SWELL'

You probably just heard it wrong.

Fresh off announcing Monday that he was certain there was "rock solid" support for the bipartisan gun bill framework from at least 10 Republicans in the Senate — presumably including himself — Sen. John Cornyn, the lead GOP negotiator on the package, told a reporter Wednesday that all he wants in the world is for Democrats to please just make some sense to Republicans for once, please.

Cornyn noted that he and other members of the bipartisan group would meet Wednesday afternoon to nail down specifics of the bill, including a provision that would close the so-called "boyfriend loophole." Current federal law prohibits anyone from owning a gun if they've been convicted of misdemeanor domestic abuse toward a spouse or former spouse, or toward someone with whom they've cohabited or had a child. The bipartisan framework announced over the weekend would extend that prohibition to non-married romantic partners who've been convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence or stalking as well. The problem, Cornyn said, was that he and other Republicans were worried about the exact definition of who the new law would apply to.

Sometimes when people use the same word they mean it differently or people hear it differently. So getting it in writing is critical.

Cornyn explained that he's open to broadening the pool of offenders who might be prevented from owning firearms, but that

I'm begging [Democrats] to come up with something that I can get my arms and my head around right now because we need something very clear. And so far, we haven't gotten there yet.
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