Britney Spears Is Not A Girl. She's Been A Woman For Decades.

Wonkette wrote a #FreeBritney post.


That is how much Britney Spears's lawyer Samuel Ingham has been authorized to bill his client since her conservatorship began in 2008, and according to an email he wrote to the trust company managing her accounts, "This amount has been paid without question since then."

It sounds like a lot, until you consider that her father Jamie Spears, as conservator, is getting $16,000 per month, plus $2,000 for office space, plus a cut of everything she earns. That's a shit ton of money, according to back-of-the-napkin calculations done by the New York Times. Especially because he was getting paid on the gross, as opposed to the net:

In 2011, he received a 2.95 percent commission for his work on Ms. Spears's successful Femme Fatale tour. And in 2014, he was granted 1.5 percent of gross revenues from the performances and merchandising tied to her Las Vegas residency, "Piece of Me," which went on to earn a reported $138 million across nearly 250 shows.

The dual role of looking out for Ms. Spears's best interests as conservator and reaping more profits each time she performed was "fraught with conflict," according to W. Michael Hensley, a probate lawyer in California who works as a fee examination expert and is not involved in the Spears case.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but this supposedly disabled person is feeding everyone in her life, earning millions of dollars a year, and being restricted to a $2,000 weekly allowance.

And although her father's grip has loosened significantly since 2018, with professional managers assuming a larger role in running her personal and financial life, the 39-year-old artist seems no less unhappy than she was before and, as of 2019, has refused to work until her father is removed as conservator.

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How About We Don't Charge Women Who Have Stillbirths With Murder?

California judge dismisses murder charges against Chelsea Becker

Yesterday, a judge in California dismissed murder charges against Chelsea Becker, for having a stillborn baby.

Prosecutors had argued the baby died because Becker, who struggles with addiction, caused the stillbirth by ingesting meth during her pregnancy, but Kings County Superior Court Judge Robert Shane Burns ruled that they hadn't presented any evidence that Becker knew when she took the drugs that doing so could kill her baby.

The outcome is right. Pregnancy should not be criminalized.

But, unfortunately, this is not the end of the bigger fight.

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Hillbilly Effigy: JD Vance Burns Strawman To Prove Universal Childcare 'Lifestyle' Bad For America

How's the view from that giant glass house, fella?

"Universal day care is class war against normal people" is a take. How the hell is helping Americans pull themselves up by their bootstraps and boost the country's economic productivity bad for the working class?

It's not, of course. And it's essential to raising women's workforce participation rate, which has taken a beating during the pandemic. That's why most developed economies subsidize childcare. But President Joe Biden supports it, and it's extremely popular, so the GOP finds itself in the unenviable position of having to argue that universal childcare is AKSHULLY an attack on the very working parents it's designed to help.

But JD Vance, the iconoclast who spun riches out of "just so" stories about poor white people and hopes to be Ohio's next senator, is game for the challenge. So this morning he booted up his Twitterphone to explain how daycare is bad and working is just a lifestyle choice. Yes, really.

"The establishment critique of universal daycare is that it spends too much money," he opened. "The better critique is that it's terrible for children, and that a healthy society should make it easier for parents to care for kids. Spend money on parents, not corporate daycare."


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Federalist Lady Very Upset Over Alleged Booty Surplus

Just some good old fashioned slut-shaming.

It's been a real rough week. But it's Saturday and my head still feels like it is filled with cotton balls from having gotten my first jab on Thursday, so I got you all a beautiful present — a terrible Federalist article in which a white lady pines for the days when there wasn't so much ... booty?

Yeah, I don't know either.

Anyway! Federalist writer Madeline Osburn saw a tweet of a guy talking about how seeing "too much booty" on social media has made him "numb" to it and taken the joy out of "ass-gazing."

There's obviously some things we could get into here, starting from the fact that this guy probably has an ass-centric algorithm situation and is just seeing a lot of ass because that's what he's been looking at, and moving on to the fact that maybe not everything is about his personal boner and women shouldn't have to rearrange their lives or their social media presence to ensure he only gets the precise amount of ass he wants to see. But let's not and say we did. Let's move on to Miss Madeline, who saw this video and then wrote an article titled "This Man Is All Of Us: America Is 'Bootied Out' And It's A Shame."

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