Sexy Eco-sluts Love The Crap Out of Nature!

ecoporn.jpg"Tommy and Leona are having sex on a tree stump in the middle of a Norwegian clear-cut...A few minutes earlier, Leona and Tommy stood at the same spot lecturing about the evils of industrial forestry. But now they're moaning in feral ecstasy, overcoming the powerful negativity of the place -- the broken branches and dried-out logs -- with the juices of the life force itself."

Welcome to the world of philanthro-porn, and specifically,, a hardcore Eden where that incredibly hearty species, the Horny European Hippie, simultaneously outrages vice-hunters and Wise Use types in its efforts to protect the little creature of the forest. Do we find the prospect of rutting Norwegians lecturing on eco-justice slightly more scary than being attacked by a rabid grizzly? Of course! But it is for a good cause. Still, Tommy, do you think you could put that dried-out log back in your pants? You're getting life force all over that woodchuck.

Eco-Sex: Great Porn for a Good Cause [SF Chronicle]


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