• Despite no threats or evidence that there might be any threats in the near future, the FBI still needs DCers to feel threatened during Inauguration Week. [DC Examiner]
  • The tickets to the Inauguration Parade, during which Barry will hijack a car and drive off with Mandy Pepperidge forever, sold out in a minute flat. [WTOP]
  • Tonight marks "Journopalooza", during which Spencer Ackerman and whoever else compete for most ironic acoustic cover of "Paper Planes" or whatever. [DCist]
  • Remember two weeks ago when it was impossible to rent some Georgetown student's Dorito-stained futon for under a half-mil? Now it is different, and Inauguration landlords are begging for out-of-towners to sleep in their apartments. [Washington Post]
  • Wolf Blitzer and his staff of sexy space holograms are quite popular amongst Kids These Days. [Fishbowl DC]

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