Sexy Ladies of the Great Depression

That Daily Kos blogger with delusions of being Dorothea Lange got us thinking ... about how HAWT all those Depression Gals were, compared to, say, America's current underclass. Amoral affair-having cancer-patient-exploiting day-trading parasitic hack David Denby will surely peck out a very outraged booklet, for Jezebel, about this Children's Treasury of Dorothea's Lange's Sexiest Photographs. But first, he will masturbate to them.

Great Depression, or French Vogue?

We can't prove this is an intentional homage to Manet's Le Dejeuner sur l'Herbe, but if old Edouard was still around in 1920s, he could've sued the fuck out of Dorothea Lange -- or FDR, maybe. The sumptuous Parisian feast is replaced, here, by breast milk and sorrow.

Here's a sad picture of a poor girl in New Mexico, during the (you guessed it!) Great Depression. WPA photographers favored moody "black and white" photography during this era. Artists! This was one of the earliest photo shoots featuring supermodel Kate Moss.

It wouldn't be a Dorothea Lange gallery without her favorite model, this gorgeous mom. Those cheekbones! If Americans start looking half this fine during the New Depression, let's just hope it lands for twenty years.

We're all out of space, so we can't use this Depression-era classic of superstar "Madonna."


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