Sexy New Version of Florida Recount Makes the Ultimate War On Xmas Present!


Oh look what your editor stumbled upon, yesterday, while researching theGeorge W. Bush Jr. Xmas Gift Guide: It's Florida Erection, the cult-classic homosexual pornography telling of the 2000 recount in Florida! Here, from the cover copy: "Hundreds of cum-drenched ballots are ignored by Florida Secretary of State Harris (Lana Luster) when she declares George Gush the winner."

Oh that sounds pretty good! What else happens?

"The Florida Supreme court mandates a recount of the disputed cum-drenched ballots. Democratic Party observer Tuck Johnson and Republican observer Ryan Chandler do more than oversee as a cock sucking, ass fucking three-way ensues with election worker Tanner Hayes."

Yeah that is just about how we remember it. Shepherd Smith reported the hell out of that story, didn't he?

But why did the producers of this epic change Bush's name (to "George W. Gush") but not the name of Katherine Harris? Was she in on it, somehow? Also: Al Gore's porno name, in this movie, is "Al Bore." Is there anything more humiliating than having your porn name be "Al Bore"?

Florida Erection [GayVideoStore]


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