Sexy Politician Stalking Her Opponent and Having Guys Throw Themselves At His Car


Last time we heard from the "sexy politician,"as she is known in respectable newspapers, Macomb County Commissioner Carey Torrice was just being hot on the Internet. Now our girl is in trouble! She and her husband have been following her primary opponent around and even going through the dude's garbage. Now there's an investigation "following a mysterious accident in which an acquaintance and fellow private investigator appeared to hurl himself at an SUV driven by Jeffery Sprys," her opponent. And then it was found they were carrying an unregistered handgun.

Meanwhile, Sprys is not super excited to be allegedly STALKED by a SUPER-SEXY HOT LADY. What is your problem, dude? It's every guy's fantasy to be stalked by a sexy politician. "I'm extremely concerned about the safety of my wife and my 2-month-old daughter," he said. That's not a very manly thing to say. Neither is this: "This is just an election. This is crazy." Spoken like a true loser.

But what about this mysterious fire?

During a civil trial in December, a jury ruled the Torrices likely committed fraud in collecting $36,000 in an insurance claim involving a fire at a house they owned.

It's not her fault! The house caught on fire because she's TOO HOT. [Detroit Free Press]


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