Sexy Wallpaper, Free Beer, and Pig, Pig and More Pig


  • Wednesday, July 14: This week’s Gluttonous Indulgence of a pig that has been roasting in a parking lot for at least 24 hours is brought to you by the restaurant Jackson 20. They're having a "Pig Party" where $35 gets you all-you-can-eat pulled pork shoulder as well as ribs, potato salad, cole slaw, corn rolls, and pie. What exactly did Washingtonians eat when there was all that pig AIDS fun? [Jackson 20]
  • Wednesday, July 14: Free beer is free beer even if you have to drink it with the Bridge and Tunnel Crowd. The happy hour at Public Bar tonight goes from 5PM to 11PM and features FREE beer for the first 100 kids with popped collars who walk through the door. Other drink specials include $2 Coors Light, $3 Blue Moos, and $4 Absolut and Malibu drinks. [Public Bar]
  • Friday, July 16: Anything that could be qualified as "like New York" makes DCers ridiculously excited. The Capital Fringe Festival: it’s got actors who probably don’t eat a lot, and it's slightly strange, which is "New York like," so ... therefore it's amazing. For fun, check out a play, but, before doing so, try the happy hour at Urbana. Why? Because it features $5 duck meatballs and lasts until 8PM. [Capital Fridge Festival, Urbana]
  • Tuesday, July 20: You're supposed to watch all movies during the summer outside in fear of getting caught in a downpour. But, if for some reason you desire to do your summer independent film watching indoors, try the Summer Screenings at the Renaissance Dupont Circle Hotel. And because you can't watch an independent film INSIDE with just popcorn, snacks for purchase at the event include micro-crafted brews, gourmet mini hot dog sliders, and chipotle seasoned popcorn. [WP]
  • New Food: Oh look, another small plates restaurant -- Estadio -- has opened on 14th Street NW. The 9000th one this year! But at least it serves alcoholic slushies. It’s also an excellent place for women who like to be aroused while peeing: the wallpaper in the bathroom is made up of half-naked Spanish soccer players. [Estadio]

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