• Heard on the Hill:Nancy Pelosi's office has a prankster on the loose... Hillary Clinton has a history with philandering men... Every crazy in Idaho is trying to take Larry Craig's seat... Everyone wants the Jayhawks in their district. [Roll Call]
  • Reliable Source:Barack Obama deemed the most poker friendly candidate by inspiration for 21. [WP]
  • Yeas and Nays:Rep. Randy Neugebauer's cuisine has reigned supreme... Perez Hilton joins Michael Bloomberg's already confusing guest list... New reader task: find where Jenna's registered. [Examiner]
  • In the Know: Actress Kerry Washington gushes about her "date" with Rep. Arthur Davis... Rep. Brad Sherman is feeling a little more Desperate these days. [The Hill]
  • Shenanigans:Randi Rhodes thinks Hillary's a ho... Sen. Debbie Stabenow's husband likes his girls optimistic... What D.C. needs is more tourists. [Politico]
  • The Sleuth:David Obey is a blues man... Clinton asked to "talk sexy." [WP]

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