Shaded Meanings in Cabinet Meeting

BonobozoSome post-Cabinet meeting hilarity this morning, according to White House transcripts, beginning with Bush's acknowledgment of Nedra Pickler's Toby Zakaria's bitchin' sunglassses:     

THE PRESIDENT: Fine-looking shades you got there.

Q    Thanks, Mr. President.  Bono style.  (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT:  Wait a minute, you don't need to be endorsing any products here in the Cabinet -- (laughter.)

That's right, we wait for natural disasters to strike before sending Laura Bush out with the Sears Caravan to appear on "Extreme Makeover." Decorum, people, decorum.

Speaking of product placement, a listener to DC's "Elliot in the Morning" is claiming that she and her friends were booted from their front-row seats at last weekend's U2 show to make room for Condoleezza Rice. But we bet they were really nice boots.

[REUTERS/Eric DraperThe White House]

UPDATE: Shades the property Toby Zakaria. Says our WH operative: "She's a reporter for Reuters. She said she had just been to the eye doctor and her eyes were dilated." Riiiight.


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