* Tony Blair is bigger than a poodle, he's really much closer to like a Jack Russel Terrier or a Beagle or something. [The Sun]

* And he just got pretty much the shittiest reassignment ever. [LGF]

* Bush has to change his policy on Iraq or else a long time from now there may be enough votes in the Senate to cut off war funding. By then, all of America will speak Spanish and most American cities will be like Houston in the film Rollerball. [Passport]

* It's sort of sweet that Rudy Guiliani so loves to felate, but he really should take a second to come up for air. [Pandagon]

* Tancredo finds his voice through vegetables. [CNN]

* The sword is in fact mightier than the pen, it turns out. [Iraq Slogger]

* What, so now all of a sudden you believe in science? Nice try, nutcase. [Hot Air]

* Pointing out Mexican inferiority and latent homosexuality is far more constructive a solution to the immigration situation than any fence ever could be. [IMAO]

* Republicans get all misty thinking of the good ol' days under Bill "Honest Abe " Frist. [Redstate]

* There are so many successful New York politicians in the race for president, it's high time to get a couple of failed ones into the mix. [Political Insider]

* The surge is working, depending on what you mean by "surge" and "working." [WorldWideStandard]


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