Shamnetsy, But For Real This Time

  • Barry buys ad time in New York. How dare he! [Advertising Age]
  • ALSO HE IS KENNEDY. He just is. [Ben Smith]
  • Bush and Pelosi's plan is a stimulus for a whole bunch of ballsack. [Balloon Juice]
  • Huck or Giuliani: WHO WILL WIN THIRD PLACE? [Right Wing News]
  • The gold reserves that central banks used to keep to make people feel better about their meaningless money may be gone now, too. [WorldNet Daily]
  • The Bloomberg presidential tease is more like the Bloomberg staffers' presidential tease. [Political Wire]
  • Maybe Florida's early voters will make Rudy's otherwise lubeless ass-fuck in Florida feel a little more like voters used a bit of KY. [Talking Points Memo]
  • Wait, liveblog of what? [Firedoglake]

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