Sharpton Pwnd by Thurmond

Two jokers, and they're both wild! - WonketteOnce again demonstrating that everything fucked up about race relations in this country can be traced back to Strom Thurmond, the New York Daily News announced this weekend that one of Al Sharpton's ancestors was once owned by one of Thurmond's ancestors.

By the way, did you know that the weirdest event in history happened 16 years ago and no one even noticed?

Sharpton said he met Thurmond only once, in 1991, when he visited Washington, D.C., with the late James Brown, who knew Thurmond. Sharpton said the meeting was "awkward."

That meeting sets a record for unlikeliness that will be beat only when Prince takes Barack Obama to happy hour with Prussian Blue and George Allen.

Sharpton wants DNA test to verify Thurmond link [AP via CNN]


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