Sharron Angle Fluent In Confusing Anti-Demon Language

Sharron Angle Fluent In Confusing Anti-Demon Language

Ever since funny Nevada Senate candidate-lady Sharron Angle talked about how government entitlement programs violate the First Commandment by promoting "idolatry," she's been trying to clarify what she meant by that, exactly. But did she even say it in the first place? Today's Sharron Angle says no -- er, well, like, yesterday's Sharron Angle didn't mean what you think she meant, OK? You're just too socialist to understand what she's saying, when she talks.

When ABC News asked Angle to explain her comments about the government -- which she delivered during an April interview on a Christian radio program -- she responded that she had never said such a thing about idolatry or whatever. Or that she did say it, just in a special language, maybe?:

"You speak in the language of the folks that you’re communicating with and I was speaking in their language," Angle told the network. "And the language that I used is that our country, we have become a country that has put our faith not in 'God we trust', which is on our money, but in government we trust and that is what I was referring to. We have allowed government to take the place of God."

She makes a great point: today's public school kids are always so busy worshiping the government these days, that they don't even make time to play violent video games anymore. The Katrina survivors proved they idolize the feds when they used the hurricane rubble and debris to build giant temples to Mary Landrieu -- who has replaced Mary, the mother of Jesus, as the key Mary-person in their faith. And spoiled unemployeds are so demonic that we shouldn't even talk about them. Sharron Angle's pretty sure that God wants those losers to starve and die -- she recalls Him saying so on the radio, that one time.


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