Sharron Angle Talks Dirty, Sexy Politics in New Secret Teabagger Tape

Sharron Angle Talks Dirty, Sexy Politics in New Secret Teabagger Tape
  • Scott Ashjian, Nevada's official Tea Party candidate for Senate, had a top secret meeting with familiar Nevada wacko Sharron Angle, to brainstorm how Real Nevada can defeat Harry Reid, who represents the selfish interests of Big Fake Nevada.

    But oh no, someone or something recorded the secretive proceedings of this secret Nevada salon, and then emailed the cassette tape to the Las Vegas Sun! What was said at this meeting, behind closed, taped doors? Almost everyone agreed (except for Ashjian, probably) that it would be really great if that bothersome Scott Ashjian guy would just drop out of the race and remove his name from the ballot, so that he doesn't split the dingbat vote in November. Also, as the secret MP3 audio/transcript of this tape will clearly show, Sharron Angle just cannot stop yapping about how awful and corrupt the Democrats and Republicans are. Scandal? Honestly, we wouldn't be surprised if it was megalomaniac Sharron Angle who leaked this tape, since leaking a "top-secret" tape bragging about how everyone except you is totally corrupt seems like a sort of monomaniacal thing to do. Sharron Angle is Real Change, and this tape of her trying to strong-arm her opponent into dropping out proves it. What? [The Caucus/Political Wire/Ben Smith]

  • In four different states it is perfectly legal to walk into a bar with a loaded gun, get completely wasted, and then start talking about how much you hate your life/the dildo sitting next to you. Did we mention the part about it being perfectly okay to bring a loaded gun into a bar? [NYT]

  • Commie activist judges legislating from the bench are probably the only people with the nads/authority to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." [McClatchy DC]


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