She Could Go All The Way

  • Remember the surplus? Us neither! [Naked Politics]
  • Oh yeah, we vaugely remember living through some kind of political crisis for the past eight fucking years. Way to miss the boat, dude. [The Hill]
  • Hillary's totally imaginary health care plan is the best because Barry's completely hypothetical plan insures 2 million fewer pretend Americans. [AMERICAblog]
  • Hillary has trouble in the caucuses. They say it helps if you're a "people person." [Ben Smith]
  • There hasn't been a "brokered convention" in so long we don't even know what that means. No, seriously. They didn't cover it in class. [Firedoglake]
  • Some group calls for Congressional oversight of the White House. Isn't that cute? They think it's still 1999. [Think Progress]
  • If Hill doesn't seal the deal tomorrow, then Barry does automatically! [Election Central]

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