She Was Workin' In A Topless Place And I Stopped In For A Beer

  • "We've got to hand it to WMATA for coming up with plenty of fun, low-budget ways (in some cases, extremely low-budget) to encourage Nationals fans to take Metro to the new ballpark." [DCist]

  • "It is definitively impossible to be 'nit-picky' over tens of millions of dollars. How 24 million dollars is spent will always be of consequence to someone or other. So not only is this post a waste of time, it can't be even bothered to get the crux of its own question right." [why.i.hate.dc]

  • "I think it's some interesting stuff, but then I'm an amateur law nerd. A big part of the government's case here is that they're not violating the 2nd amendment because while they're restricting some

    arms they're not restricting all arms." [Metroblogging DC]

  • "I've been waiting for this day for a long time. It feels like even longer than the anticipation of the Target opening. And of course it was well worth the wait." [Prince of Petworth]

  • "Although there are a few upscale bars in the area that have some ladies who are looking for friendship plus, it's probably a really bad idea. My advice is to steer clear of potential legal troubles and

    public humiliation (of the likes of Eliot), and just do as the commoners do and hit up your local strip bar." [DC Concierge]


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