The Washington Post's editorial page today proves that there's still someone out there who feels sorry for little Judy Miller, her two years of speaking engagements, her supposed six-figure book deal and her aching back. Decrying those who have "turned" on Miller, the paper frets that while some in the administration may have "deliberately blown [Joe Wilson's] wife's undercover status to punish him for his truth-telling," that isn't what they see: "What has been depicted is an administration effort to refute the allegations of a critic (some of which did in fact prove to be untrue) and to undermine his credibility, including by suggesting that nepotism rather than qualifications led to his selection." The difference between these two sets of actions is pretty much definition of academic, but what really amused us was their huffy finale: "If such conversations are deemed a crime, journalism and the public will be the losers." Riiiiight. Indictments in this investigation will put an end to anyone in Washington talking smack about their opponents, ever. Because Watergate ended break-ins, right? And Clinton's indictment stopped blow-jobs.

Rush to Judgement [WP]


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