Sheldon Whitehouse Wants to Kick George Bush's Ass

* Obama was the most unethical third-grader ever. [Hot Air, Wizbang Politics]

* And Obama doesn't really appreciate that kind of talk, thank you very much. [Fresh Intelligence]

* It's possible Bush might be lying about this whole Iran-Nuke thing. [Think Progress]

* Mike Huckabee will soon be elected president of the world. [Election Central]

* One evangelical preacher really knows how to class it up. [WorldNet Daily]

* Suppressing voter turnout is fine, it's what the founding fathers intended. Seriously. Read the constitution. [Reality-Based Community]

* Sheldon Whitehouse is going to tackle Bush to the ground next time he sees him. [TPMmuckraker]

* Hey, all these polls don't mean anything. [Political Wire]


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