Shell Oil Apparently Has Not Yet Learned What 'The Internet' Is For

Shell Oil Apparently Has Not Yet Learned What 'The Internet' Is For

Hello, Shell Oil! Have you fired your social media guru yet, or the ad agency that came up with the idea of crowdsourcing Shell's Let’s Go! Arctic campaign?Did it at least occur to you to borrow an RNC intern to scoop out all the "cunts" and "fucks" and whatnot before posting them on your Let's Go! Arctic site? What about all the ads about the polar bears you are murdering? Do you think Coca-Cola might have something to say about that? thanked the YesMen for their beautiful tribute to you? Let us look, together, at what these terrible Internet hooligans have wrought on poor Shell Oil. Here are some images from just the first page of Shell'sthe YesMen's Let's Go! Arctic campaign site, where terrible hippies have taken to their keyboards to mock poor Shell (MOCK THEM!) for their great environmentalism. UPDATE! Yes, it's the YesMen.

Here, have all these wonderful images courtesy of the sharp eyes of Wonkette operative "Hans":

Now, children, go and play!

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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