Texas GOP Bigot So Mad Students Not Allowed To Laugh At Trans Kids Anymore

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Texas GOP Bigot So Mad Students Not Allowed To Laugh At Trans Kids Anymore

Hey, y'all remember that human anal fissure from the beginning of the pandemic who stomped all over Texas bellyaching about MAH FREEDOM to keep her shitty salon open, defying public health orders even as everyone else was shutting down to try to prevent the spread of a new and scary virus? Ted Cruz visited to get his gross hair cut after she served two whole days in jail for her criminal actions, and so did Sarah Palin. People yelled "You're our Rosa Parks!" at her at rallies, because racist white people are always worshiping their own upside-down versions of actual heroes.

Of course, she was a fraud and it was a great grift. So it shouldn't surprise you that she's running in the primary for a seat in the state House in Texas, obviously as a Republican.

And oh boy, she just had a wee "caught on tape" kinda moment, as she complained out loud that she, who is also a former teacher, was no longer allowed to let students laugh at transgender kids. What kind of tyranny is that?

You can see in this video that once the words escape from her foul head, she kind of hesitates, like, oh shit, was I using my "out loud" voice just then?

She said:

"I am not comfortable with the transgenders," she said. "The kids that they brought in my classroom when they said that this kid is transgendering into a different sex, that I couldn't have kids laugh at them … like, other kids got in trouble for having transgender kids in my class."

Maaaaaaan, what a piece of shit. "I am not comfortable with the transgenders," she said.

You know, if we wrote a sitcom character who was a stupid Texas redneck grifter hairdresser who said things like "I am not comfortable with the transgenders," we might be accused of coastal elitism. But here it is in the wild, fuckers!

According to the Houston Chronicle, Luther also said that transgender children in Texas schools are a reason she supports "school choice," or a parent's decision to choose what type of school their child attends.

How nice.

Insider visited Luther's campaign website, and boy howdy, it's fun. She's got her anti-trans bigotry on display in a section called "Abolish Gender Mutilation in Children." She'd like to abolish abortion, explaining that "Doctors should be held criminally responsible and their license stripped for murdering an infant of any age." That's right, an infant of any age. Old infants, young infants, middle-aged infants, all of 'em Katie, this halfwit is gonna abolish it.

She is also going to abolish property taxes, and then obviously there is this:

Communist Chinese Infiltration: While Americans are worried about being politically correct, the Chinese Government is building the largest military in the world. We should not allow Chinese Nationals into our colleges where they can obtain classified information, steal technology, and essentially learn how to defeat the United States. Chinese companies should be banned from buying land in Texas as well, especially next to our power grid. China is our enemy, and we should treat them as such.
Cool story. We've definitely got a stable human being on our hands right here. And she's not comfortable with the transgenders, and she's upset that she's no longer allowed to let students laugh at them.



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