Happy Trails, ShelleyAfter a valiant and hard-fought campaign, former pretend Congresswoman and full-time nutbag Shelley Sekula Gibbs lost to some joker named Pete Olson last night in a primary runoff for Texas' 22nd Congressional district. Thus marks the close of another chapter in the fascinating political saga of a woman so beloved by her would-be consituents that one voter called her "DraculaCunt."

Let's review some highlights from the magical career of Dr. Sekula Gibbs:

  • Her staff quit almost immediately after she came into Congress in 2006 for her seven-week reign of terror as Tom DeLay's replacement.
  • She vowed to overhaul the tax code and fix the Iraq war during that time, too.
  • Voters in her heavily Republican district opted for Democrat Nick Lampson that year rather than suffer the agonies of spelling her name correctly on a write-in ballot.
  • In this most recent humiliating episode, Senator John Cornyn and pretty much every other Republican in the state endorsed Pete Olson, a former Senate aide.

What's next for DraculaCunt? We understand McCain's still looking for a lady Veep!

Olson Wins Texas 22 Runoff [Southern Political Report]


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