Sherwood Story Has Legs

ore.jpgIs it just us, or is Cynthia Ore, the woman who says Rep. Don Sherwood (R - PA) choked her in his D.C. massage lair, dressed like a wedding present from The Mustang Ranch? Ore, 29, says she met the married, 64-year-old Sherwood at a Young Republicans meeting in 1999. Which, while probably bad news for Sherwood's marriage, is probably great news for Young Republican meetings. Sherwood, for his part, says there was no choking involved, just a (vigorous?) back rub. Also that he only knows his accuser "casually." And, actually, after seeing Ore's pic, we totally believe that.

UPDATE: On a Maryland radio show today, Ore described her alleged relationship with Sherwood in more detail, saying, "Every day he told me I'm his lady, he loved me. He told me he had deep feelings for me...So my girlfriend's know. Actually they think he's hot, which he is of course."

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