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While we think Oregon's perfectly reasonable "everybody votes by mail" system is probably the most efficient way to run an election, we're still partial to going down to the polling place and filling out a ballot, because we get sentimental about the rituals of democracy. But voting on a single Tuesday sucks and is inconvenient, so hooray for the 37 states (and the District of Columbia) that have early voting. Here in Idaho, our very own Kid Zoom mailed in his absentee ballot yesterday, in his very first presidential election, so we took an old "I Voted" sticker off our computer and stuck it on his shirt. So, for no other reason than that voting is awesome, here is a selection of stuff from around the interwebs about people exercising their franchise!

In Ohio, early voting started last week. Cleveland takes early voting seriously. With marching bands. OK, standing-there-on-the-steps bands:

Fired up, ready to go, as they say.

People have some pretty good reasons to get out this year.

We're not singling out HillaryForOhio, but they DO have a pretty good set of pics:

How about Georgia? Early voting started there Monday, and here is an ABC News video that isn't ripping off the theme from The West Wing hardly at all:

Tennessee early voting began Tuesday, and it's setting records! This handsome fellow what works for Wonkette has voted, so the rest of you can go home now. Or go vote now.

These fresh-faced young'uns just voted this morning, and they say it's easy! That's what we hear, too! (Evan got a cooler sticker, though. Sorry, kids.)

This gent in Alabama is sad because Alabama has no early voting at all. Alabama is a jerk, if you ask us. Please Note: Babies do not vote, not even in Tennessee.

North Carolina counties cut a whole bunch of early voting hours, after a federal court nixed some horrible vote suppression measures passed by the Legislature of Idiots a couple years back. Long lines, but lots of enthusiasm. Don't let the bastards grind you down, North Carolina. Looks like you're not!

What we are getting at is that you should go get yourself to an early voting site if you can, because your Supreme Overlord, The One, says you must:

Seriously. It's a good idea. And don't feel bad if you forgot to look up all the county supervisor candidates (you really should have) or the judicial candidates. (They always get retained. Leave it blank if you're not sure, that's fine.) If it makes you feel better about all the earnestness here, you can still go vote early with a very cynical attitude about it. We won't mind at all. OR WILL WE?

Get your ass out and vote, 'kay?

You cover up your dirty pillows with a long-form birth certificate, young lady

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