Ships Sink Rat-Free

* We know you miss Gonzo as much as we do; you'll be happy to know he's still with us. [NYT]

* Bush does "want Republicans and Democrats to come together to focus on poor children", he just wants them to be healthy, rich and uninsured. [NYT]

* Crack reporting has led to the scoop of the century: Bill helps Hillary. [WP]

* Domenici's getting up and he didn't call shuffle. [WP]

* Democrats should learn from the GOP skipping the debate with all the black people: don't blow off whole groups of people just because they never vote for you. [Politico]

* Guess what? During the election last year, Democrats said things they didn't really mean! [The Hill]

* Finally, Congress is going to do something to help the environment. [WT]


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